Cannon mountain construction


Part of the Cannon mountain construction at Ohio State includes building a new bus hub. The transit center is scheduled to open on Sept. 5. It was created from a grasses field next to the intramural fields. They recycled a couple old bus settlers that used to be at west campus, put them under the large new awning. They were crane-lifted on flatbed trucks and brought to the transit center site. There's a rumor that the new bus stop will include coffee kiosks, bu those might not be ready for opening day.


The MedCenter express bus has transferred from going to the old Buckeye Lot to going to the new Carmack West Campus parking lots. However there have been some early failures in August 2017 at the new West Campus lots. The crew painting lines for the new spaces didn't aline them with the old signs. So they had signs in the middle of spaces. How are people supposed to park in those? Also, on August 1st, they had a temporary tent set up in the morning of the first day of parking at the new lot (Carmack, West Campus). By the time it was time for the night shift to report (after 6pm) the temporary tent was gone and it wasn't clear where the bus stops was (new bus shelter was under construction, blocked off behind a fence.). They have temporary plastic signs they've used in the past, but somehow they forgot to use one of those to identify the temporary bus stop.

The new West Campus lots officially are completed on September 5 when the old Polo lot closes. Hopeful the transition to this new parking lot goes smoothly this September. The new bus shelters at the Carmack lots have power hookups. I wonder if that's going to be for coffee kiosks?