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Timezone functions

timezone_location_get() – Returns location information for a specified timezone

Location information for New York's timezone:

Array ( [country_code] => US [latitude] => 40.71416 [longitude] => -74.00639 [comments] => Eastern (most areas) )

Location information for Taipei's timezone:

Array ( [country_code] => TW [latitude] => 25.05 [longitude] => 121.5 [comments] => )

timezone_name_from_ abbr() – Returns the timezone name from abbreviation



timezone_name_get() – Returns the name of the timezone


timezone_offset_get() – Returns the timezone offset from GMT


Shows offset from Europe/Oslo time for America/New_York in milliseconds.

Addtional PHP date/time experienments:

Display the server's Date and time in a US style format:

Other Date format styles

format from SI events:
F d, g:ia
June 22, 3:39am

2024-06-22 03:39:04

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